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Precision Machining at Midwestern Prices

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About us

PL Mfg. started in 1997 at its current location in Cooperstown North Dakota. Since then PL Mfg. has specialized in precision machining for customers worldwide. With a small town Midwestern location, this woman owned small corporation, has managed to maintain competitive in pricing by utilizing some of the lowest electrical rates backed by energy from its’ own wind generator and low overhead expenses. With an ISO 9001-2015 quality system and an advanced quality control plan in place, production of quality parts is top priority. Technology is a major component in the machining industry and PL Mfg. continues to keep up with the latest tooling, machining practices, computer animated design/machining software and machinery. With over 18,000 square feet of clean, well lit and temperature regulated production space, PL Mfg. operators can concentrate on quality without concerns to their working environment. With a large selection of in house inspection tools and calibration traceable to NIST, PL Mfg’s production parts are easily measured and recorded. PL Mfg. currently is manufacturing components for most major industries worldwide.

We manufacture custom components for the

following industries/products:

- Automotive Industry

- Agricultural

- Construction Industry

- Hand Tools

- Fasteners

- Precision Positioning Equipment

- Aerospace Industry

- Fluid Power Industry

- Food Service

- Wind Energy

- Command\control equipment

- Firearms

- Military

Contact Information

PL Mfg.

805 Sunflower Ave.

PO Box 336

Cooperstown, ND 58425

Call Us At: 1-866-877-6857


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